I taught my autistic son Reiki. to help his with self-regulation and behaviors. These are the first 3 hand positions. With practice, you and your child will be able to use these to self-regulate and heal. Hold each position for a few seconds or a few minutes (we counted to 10).

Position #1 – Place your hands over your face, fingers at the top of the forehead with the hands touching.

Position #2 – Place your hands over your ears, cupping them gently.

Position #3 – Place your hands on the back of your head, the base of your palms at the base of the skull.

Reiki can help your child with social & communication skills, behaviors, anxiety, and self-regulation. Click the Messenger Button to schedule a consultation.

Does your child hit, bite, kick, elope (run away) or show other unwanted behaviors? Reiki can be used to limit or stop these behaviors over a series of sessions.

The adult version of an autism meltdown may include any of the following (just to name a few):
*aggressive behavior in which the individual reacts grossly out of proportion to the circumstance
*angry outbursts that involve throwing or breaking objects
*banging your head
*domestic abuse
*pacing back and forth
*quitting your job
*road rage
*talking to yourself
*threatening others
*walking out on your spouse or partner
*yelling and screaming


To treat or condescend to as if still a young child when they are a young adult or child. Infantilization can look like the following:

*Changing speech patterns; using baby-talk (e.g. dumbing down vocabulary, speaking slower, speaking louder (when a person doesn’t have a hearing problem), and speaking in a higher pitch)
*Using pet names (sweetie, honey, etc.) in the context of an acquaintance (rather than familial or romantic) relationship
*Speaking for a person or not speaking directly to them (instead of directing comments and questions to a parent or caregiver, for example), when they are capable of speaking for themselves
*Making a decision on behalf of a person who is capable of making their own decision/disregarding their opinion on a certain matter
*Being overly protective; withholding information from a person who is old enough to handle it (e.g. not giving the sex talk) or forbidding an age-appropriate activity (like prohibiting a 27-year-old from seeing an R-rated movie)
*All in all, treating a person who is most definitely not a child as if they are a child

Does your child suffer from ANXIETY? Reiki can help and works with traditional treatment methods. Schedule a consultation to find out if Sensory reiki is right for your family.

This is a quick Reiki session with my son who has autism. This entire process can take 10 minutes. Remember, a little Reiki daily is better than a lot a Reiki every once in a while.

My Interview with Faith Clarke. 

Need help with autism behaviors? Let’s talk to Contessa!

Contessa Louise Cooper is a bestselling author, advocate, entrepreneur and healer. While parenting her adult son with autism, she’s gotten to see the challenges many parents face with their kids’ health and wellness. So she provides safe and brave spaces for individuals can be their authentic selves so they can begin a holistic and spiritual healing process.

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