The Chakra Affirmation and Journal book was created to help you balance and open your chakras or energetic life force which is within each of us. Read, speak out loud and write your thoughts as you work your way through this 150-page journal of self-reflection and self-healing.

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This is my very first book. I wrote it in 3 days. I had a story to share and I wasn’t going to let this once in a lifetime pass me by. Mad At The World is a book about forgiveness but mostly about forgiveness of self. 

This book is only available as a digital download on Amazon. I’m currently working on a paperback copy. 

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I’m currently working on these 2 books.

JUST FOR TODAY: Autism & The 5 Reiki Principles 


Learn How This Autism Mom Practiced This Modern Take On The 5 Reiki Principles To Empower Herself And Her Family. 


Est Launch Date -2/2019


Mommy Has A Red Day is written to help moms explain their tired days when they have a chronic pain like Fibromyalgia or recovering from an illness. 

Est Launch Date – Spring 2019

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