What To Expect During A Consult

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What to expect during your Sensory Reiki Consultation.

1. Consultations are free and must be scheduled in advance. I do not accept same day consults.

2. I welcome questions. Ask the things that you are hesitant to ask. What are your biggest worries or concerns? Are you unsure about how I’m going to handle certain things? Ask!


3. I’m going to ask you some questions. A consultation is not a time to go into a deep history of your issues, but it is a time to get a snapshot of what you can expect. Be ready to answer questions about you, your family and any therapy you have experienced in the past. This will get you off to a running start in your work together.

4. Have your calendar/schedule available so you can book your first session right there if you are ready. I’m not going to pressure you to book at the time, but experience tells me that getting that first session booked is the best way to safeguard yourself from getting distracted by life and all your responsibilities.

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